The Greatest: Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix has to be one of the greatest guitarists who had ever walked this planet. Not only did he sing with his voice but he also made his guitar sing as well. Displaying to his audience a new form of guitar playing that no one at the time had ever seen.

My words cannot begin to explain his guitar skills so let this youtube video just show you

Jimi also had an amazing mind and was very passionate about his art and his creativity. He also seemed like a free spirit. Not wanting to tied down to this world but wishing there was more color in the streets. Watch this snippet of his last interview.

Jimi Hendrix left a legacy that shall be long remembered. He left behind his amazing songs and ideas. He has inspired loads and loads of people, including myself, to pick up a guitar. He shall be missed but thank God his music lives on!



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The Greatest: Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury has got to be the greatest vocalist/lead singer/front man there has ever been. He captivated many fans over two decades with chilling vocal performances and onstage flamboyance in the iconic band Queen.

It is unarguable that Mercury was a phenomenal singer. His vocal control was and is like no one who had ever performed. His vocal range was quite impressive as well. There is some speculation that Freddie Mercury’s range was over FOUR OCTAVES. This is a huge range and it is a very rare. Here’s a video from YouTube displaying his range.

One of the biggest things that separate Freddie Mercury from every other amazing Rock-N-Roll singers was his flamboyant and theatrical stage persona. Which was actually quite surprising to people who were close with Mercury. It was cited that Freddie offstage was shy and reserved particularly around people he did not know. He even once stated, “When I’m performing I’m an extrovert, yet inside I’m a completely different man.”

freddieFreddie Mercury’s, and Queen’s for that matter, most notable live performance was at Wembly Stadium in 1985 at Live Aid. Many people consider this performance one of, if not, the greatest live performance by any Rock-N-Roll band. 72,000 people were engaged by everything this band and Freddie Mercury did. Because of this Queen stole the show in 20 minutes. Here’s a video diving more into the show at Live Aid.

Freddie Mercury is one of the greatest front men to ever perform Rock-N-Roll music. For over twenty years, he engaged us into his music with his incredible vocals and his on stage antics. He is greatly missed till this day and will continue to be. He has cemented himself in the history of Rock-N-Roll and as one of the greatest Rockstars to every grace this earth.

Video by: Timi T.

Photo by: Neal Preston

Video by: dylbiebee