The main reason I began this blog is bring up the fact that Rock-N-Roll music nowadays seems to have no substance and is not at all CHALLENGING. What I mean by this is that the genre is currently in a low because I believe these popular Rock acts are not producing music that is true to the style of music they play, but trying to conform to a more radio friendly sound. It’s almost as if they are saying “How can be the heaviest pop band and make as much money as we can?” This is of course the problem to EVERY genre of music out there but the point of Rock-N-Roll when it first was conceived was to be an alternative to pop music. Rock-N-Roll was by all sense of the word “Rebellious”. This is the complete opposite of what major players in Rock are doing right now. Another reason I would like to continue this blog further is show how Rock-N-Roll does not have these icon figures anymore. This is why the brand itself shall be called “All the Rock Stars Are Dead”. Today we do not have the Jimi Hendrixes, the John Lennons, the Freddy Mecurys, these individuals who not only defined a generation with their music but also transcended their station and influenced pop culture with their beliefs and lifestyles. With this blog I want to bring up these points to people who are within and fans of Rock-N-Roll music and challenge them to expect greater and demand a greater product.

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