Champagne Supernova

One of my favorite bands right now is Oasis. I know I am late to the game since majority of their success was accomplished over twenty years ago but it just goes to show you that music is not hindered by time.

Even now in 2017, I can not only enjoy Oasis’s music but I can also relate to it. One of my favorite tracks by this band is their song ‘Champagne Supernova’. This is because I believe this song means nothing at all but also mean everything at the same exact time. The lyrics make absolutely no sense read by themselves but in context with the music the song becomes an anthem.

You can’t help but find yourself not only singing along to the track but also feeling like you are reflecting on some important aspect of your life. This is what makes this song amazing and one of my favorite songs by Oasis.

Rock-N-Roll now is lacking in the artistry of songwriting as of late and I believe rock bands should listen to this song with a pen and paper, take some notes, and enjoy the ride.

You can watch the music video HERE:


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