Can Rock-N-Roll be Independent?

Recently I saw the band The Maine on their Lovely, Little, Lonely Tour. I of course enjoyed the music as well as the band’s performance. But what really impressed me was how The Maine ruThe Maine 1ns their band as a business. They do everything completely independent. This means they produce everything from their merchandise, to their tour dates, to even their records themselves. They are completely independent of any outside influence on their band.

This is based off of an old punk rock saying. “No one is going to do it for you. Do it yourself.” This is where the term D.I.Y. comes from. This is how I believe Rock-N-Roll bands can be successful independent of any outside influence other than the close network of the band itself.

Why do I think this is important to write about? Well nowadays music in general, not just Rock-N-Roll, is very much influenced by outside forces. Whether that is labels, producers, or managers, etc., the artist is now put restrictions on and they cannot be completely honest. They are hindered and cannot be fully creative and honest to themselves.

With this being said do artist need to be signed to a record label to be successful? With using The Maine as an example then not at all. The Maine has been independent since 2012 and they have gone on to release three albums on their own. Forever Halloween in 2013, American Candy in 2015, and Lovely Little Lonely in 2017. All of three of these records have been praised by their fans and by their critics as their best albums they have ever released. Here’s one of their latest single, ‘Bad Behavior’.

I think Rock-N-Rock bands should look to The Maine as an example of how to run your band as a business. You can be successful and make a living completely independent of a record label. All you have to do is make honest music and actually care about the people who listen to your music.

Photography provided by: The Maine

Video provided by: The Maine


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