American Idiot

Green Day is my personal favorite band of all time. Even though I do not listen to them as religiously as I once did, I still consider them my favorite. This is largely due to their record “American Idiot”.

American Idiot is GreeGreen_Day_-_American_Idiot_covern Day’s seventh studio album and it was career rejuvenating for the band. The album was released in 2004 and became highest grossing record to that date. The success of American Idiot proved that Green Day should be considered one of the best Rock-N-Roll acts in recent memory.

Everything done on this record is performed masterful. To the amazing guitar tone that sounds huge on the record, the structure of the songs and their placement on the album, and the lyrics of this amazing narrative that is spilled out throughout the record.

If you need a reminder of how great this record is then listen to it on  or listen to it in this YouTude video.

Billie Joe Armstrong (the lead singer and guitarist for Green Day) is my personal favorite songwriter ever. I discovered my love for his songwriting with American Idiot. In fact I discovered my love for music period because of Green Day and American Idiot. After becoming absolutely obsessed with their music I began to take guitar lessons. The first song I learnedgd all the way through on guitar was American Idiot’s second track “Jesus of Suburbia” (which is a little over 9 minutes long). This record was life changing for me and I know it’s the exact same way for a lot of other people too.

Even though the lyrics were about characters within a story, the songs still came from a real emotional honest place. They were blunt, honest, and at times very opinionated, but more than anything this record has passion. That’s Rock-N-Roll man. That’s what today’s Rock music needs. A group or a record that will come in and shake things completely up and change how we look at and consume Rock-N-Roll. We need an album like American Idiot.


Design by Chris Bilheimer

YouTube Video by Az Navarro

Photo by Ross Halfin


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