Are The 1975 a Rock-N-Roll band?

The 1975 are a band from Manchester England. They have found so much success in the mainstream media with their records, their self-titled debut and their sophomore record “I Like it When You Sleep For You Are so Beautiful Yet so Unaware of it”. The question I shall be asking today is whether or not The 1975 are a Rock-N-Roll band.

Let’s take a loThe 1975ok at their lyrical content. The subject matters that lead lyricists Matty Healy loves to tackle are that of sex, drugs, girls, flawed relationships, suicide, and frustration with self. These are all things that many great Rock-N-Roll bands of old coined within their lyricism. Look at The Beatles, they wrote about every single one of those subjects in one or more songs and they are considered the greatest Rock-N-Roll band that ever existed.

Most importantly though for their lyrics are that they are challenging, they make you think. They make you want to dissect them and figure out what they mean and thus making you want to listen to their tracks even more. This is a sign of not only a great Rock band but also a great musical act in general.

the1975_2_dave_ma_300dpi_wide-66d2a251e322f824e8d5d2671ecf1db38f13320b-s1600-c85What I shall be discussing now is the dividing point for a lot of people on whether or not The 1975 are a Rock-N-Roll band.This is their sound. No one here can pretend that The 1975 are the heaviest band out there. Their sonic sound is very much derived from Pop and some R&B influence. They even utilize electronics and synthesizers within their music, which many people use as the defining argument for them not being a Rock-N-Roll band. But I say this is not the end of the argument.

Yes they do use things like electronic drums and synthesizers but at the end of the day they are four guys playing guitar driven music. GUITAR DRIVEN MUSIC. Sonically this is the key to being a Rock-N-Roll band. If you have a drummer, a bassist, a guitarist, and a singer, then you have the classic mold of a Rock band.

rs-232787-1975So in conclusion, I say that even though The 1975 have many Pop elements and uses electronics in their music they are still a Rock-N-Roll band. They make upbeat guitar driven music laced with challenging and real lyrics. If you disagree with me then go to and give them a listen and decide for yourself. But most important enjoy the music.




Photo by: David Drake

Photo by: Dave Ma/Courtesy

Photo by: Jon Super/Getty


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